• Do I need to follow some kind of care?
  • Here are some tips to make your Kauai look great for longer:

    - As far as possible, try not to wear the watch when you are about to touch harmful elements: perfumes, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water, etc.

    - If you wear the velvet strap, when putting on and taking off the watch do it carefully, do not scratch the buckle against the velvet and will last longer as new.

    - Leather can get wet, but it gets damaged faster when you wet it. If you are going to do activities in which you are going to sweat or when bathing, it is better to take off your watch. It is possible that in the first uses fades. Do not worry, it's normal and over time it stops happening. In summer, better use the cork strap.

    - Do not use metal polish on the plated watches, the color is removed. You can use it in stanless steel cases, it gives a very nice finish.

    - Do not subject it to extreme temperatures.

    - When you change the time, remember to put the crown back in the initial position.

    - If you have to change the battery, do it in a watchshop or specialized workshop.